**FastStone Capture: A Comprehensive Review**



FastStone Capture is a versatile and user-friendly screen capture and video recording software designed for Windows users. It has gained popularity for its powerful features, ease of use, and efficiency. As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, FastStone Capture 9.5 was the latest version available. Below, I'll provide an in-depth overview of FastStone Capture, including its features, benefits, and how to download and use it.

**Key Features:**

1. **Screen Capture:**

 FastStone Capture allows users to capture their entire screen or specific regions. You can capture full-screen shots, individual windows, or custom rectangular areas with just a few clicks.

2. **Video Recording:**

 In addition to capturing images, it supports video recording, making it easy to create tutorials, presentations, or record your on-screen activities.

3. **Editing Tools:**

 It offers a comprehensive set of editing tools, allowing you to annotate your captures with text, shapes, arrows, and more. You can also apply various effects and filters to enhance your screenshots.

4. **Screen Magnifier:** 

A built-in screen magnifier helps you capture intricate details, perfect for technical documentation or graphic design work.

5. **Multiple Output Formats:** 

FastStone Capture supports a variety of output formats for your captures, including popular image formats like JPEG, PNG, BMP, and GIF, and video formats like WMV.

6. **Clipboard Support:** 

It can automatically send your captures to the clipboard, making it easy to paste them into other applications.

7. **Scrolling Window Capture:** 

This feature allows you to capture web pages, documents, or any content that requires scrolling. It stitches together multiple screenshots into one seamless image.

8. **Global Hotkeys:** 

You can set up custom hotkeys for capturing and recording, making the process even faster and more efficient.

9. **Built-in Image Viewer:** 

FastStone Capture comes with an integrated image viewer that allows you to view, edit, and organize your captures conveniently.

10. **Capture Delay:** 

You can set a delay before capturing, which is useful when you need to prepare the content you want to capture.

11. **Screen Ruler and Crosshair:**

 It provides on-screen tools like a ruler and crosshair, aiding in precise capture and measurement.

12. **Unobtrusive Interface:** 

FastStone Capture features a compact and user-friendly interface that doesn't clutter your screen. It's always ready for quick access.


- **Versatility:** 

FastStone Capture caters to a wide range of users, from casual screen capture needs to professional image and video recording tasks.

- **Efficiency:** 

Its streamlined interface and hotkey support make it a fast and efficient tool for capturing and recording your screen.

- **Editing Capabilities:** 

The built-in editor is a significant advantage, allowing users to make on-the-fly adjustments to their captures.

- **Scrolling Window Capture:**

 The ability to capture scrolling windows is particularly handy for web designers, researchers, and anyone who needs to document lengthy web pages or documents.

- **Non-Intrusive:** 

The software is unobtrusive, so it doesn't get in the way of your work until you need it.

**How to Download and Use FastStone Capture (As of 2022):**

1. **Downloading:**

   - Visit the official FastStone website (www.faststone.org).

   - Navigate to the "Downloads" section.

   - Download the latest version available. Be sure to download from the official website to ensure you get a legitimate and safe copy.

2. **Installation:**

   - Run the downloaded installer file.

   - Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

3. **Using FastStone Capture:**

   - After installation, launch the program.

   - Configure your preferences and hotkeys in the settings menu.

   - Use the capture tools to take screenshots or record your screen as needed.

   - Access the built-in editor to annotate and edit your captures.

   - Save or share your captures in various formats.

Please note that the interface and features may have evolved if a newer version, such as FastStone Capture 2022, has been released after my last update. Therefore, it's recommended to check the official website or user guides for any changes or new features in the latest version.

FastStone Capture has been a popular choice for Windows users seeking an all-in-one screen capture and recording solution. Its versatility, user-friendly interface, and editing capabilities make it a valuable tool for a wide range of users, from casual to professional. However, be sure to check the official FastStone website for any updates or newer versions that may offer additional features and improvements.